Powerful, Personalized Navigation through LIfe’s Uncertainties.

Discover and Activate Competent, Confident and Calm Response to Life’s Changing Chapters.

I Specialize in Life’s Transitions.

Finding this website is not just a coincidence. You are literally searching for a resource, a support or answers to an issue surrounding your life and you want help.  I invite you to read on, take a look and reach out.

I can help you find your way.

  • Create strong support systems for caregiving an elderly parent or loved one.
  • Parent at-risk children with kindness and strength.
  • Improve life and get out of a rut.
  • Find relevance in retirement.
  • Transition through change.
  • And SO much more!
“Working with Julie has been a privilege and a joy. She has amazing insight and intuitively knows just the right questions to bring out those “aha” moments. Her life experiences, her kindness and her candor are the perfect combination to help get to the root of whatever issues or blocks are holding one back from a truly fulfilling life. I would highly recommend her to anyone.! She is a masterful coach!”
Kimberly B.
“Julie’s ability to listen and ask powerful questions helped me find my own answers to issues that had plagued me for TOO long!”
Chris S.
“Julie’s approach to coaching is professional, yet personal. She possesses a special ability to build rapport with her clients very quickly through deep listening, empathy and a persistent focus on possibilities for her client amongst other unique skills. Julie’s authenticity enables her to effortlessly build a connection with her client. And her healthy wit combined with positive energy leave one eager to return for the next enjoyable session. Julie has my highest and most sincere recommendation.”
Sean B.
“I find that Julie can get me to the heart of where I have been stuck with kind, supportive and strong probing questions. She has allowed me to process my own”stuff” and shed some of the limiting beliefs I have developed.” I enjoy and profit from our time together.”
Bill P.


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